Tuesday, 3 May 2011

friendship (!)

a valuable friend.

cant be replace by any thing in the world.
even the sun stop shining
the wind stop blowing
i still holding my friend
no matter what.
the fact that i love them more then a special friend cant be deny.
even he cant do anything about it.
i respect every single of them
i pray for them whenever i pray for myself.
even sometimes i was in pain because of them
i still want them to be happy.
if they need help
i be the first to offer the help
i smile when they are near.
and i cry when their tears drops
but to know the one that i love disobey me.
betray me.
unhonest with me.
make my world crumble down.
the heaven i dream falling from the skies.
my tears running only two people know but they are not my usual best, true faithful friends.
im asking my self why?!

is it because they that construct the damage?or it its just a usual words of them that they used to say behind each other?
breaking the rules is not an option.
breaking people heart is not a board game that you can randomly move with dice.i still laugh hugs and kisses in front of them.
inside i am dying with the pain that they have construct.
i cried all night. end up with no solution.
what the use? no one say sorry.
nobody even know what they have did.
swollen my eyes with the exam papers in front.
making me lies to the others said it is just another day i slept late.
this is so beyond anyone expectation. 

i lived with it.i try to ignore it.
and i moved along. 
and ready to say " im fine, thanks for asking" .


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