Tuesday, 3 May 2011

awesome people(!)

awesome=best friends 

they are my class mates, bob a.k.a wan abdullah kamil , tasha , and aza syima a.k.a my love hehe =) . they are crazy fella , crazy i tell youu ! here we got bob or 'abdullah camel' , everyone label him ;) he the person who endless talking. like everr. you could lost your voice of laughing and he still have something to talk about -_____- fact* he like so freaking damn funny hahahaha. opss sorry bob ;) 

oky movin' on, next we have tasha as known as TASHI ! hahaha tashi it's like ajinamoto ! yes, she is so petite,and we love bully her(?) . 

next, aza. azaaaaaa what to tell about her ? oky she a simple girl. easy to talk with. shes funny actually. and she's my gurl OK.she makes me happy.hmm . . i lve her soooo much and no one can replace her . . hakhakhak! sometimes she looks CUTE , sometimes pretty huhu . . whatever she is I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH ! 

bottom line is, i just knew this dudes like few weeks or month. but we bonded like no other ;). lets have some fun outside ! clubbing ? hahaha

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