Tuesday, 3 May 2011

me,myself and i

wht is the colour of your room : for now it's green,i love mother nature.
what is your fev song nw: abdullah vs samy vellu song.it's so polytical but i'm none with it.
what is the last video u last watched: maharaja lawak,it's freaking damn funny
what is your fev cartoon: i love shin chan =)
what is your worst nightmare: i saw i'm dying.seriouslt it's so horrible
have u ever try ciggerates: absolutely.
have u ever drink: just once i bet i can do it often (KIDDIN!)
what is the worst thing you ever done: lets not remember it and move on to another question shall we?
what is your last joke you ever made: "WELL I'M NOT A FUNNY PERSON"
what is the temperature tody: what the hack kind of question is tht?! stupidd.
pepsi or coke: wine+tequilla+vodka...nah~kidding lol.one thing for sure,COKE
boyfriend or girlfriend: girlfriend ofcuz!
tv or phone: PHONE.....(!)
who is the last person you called: AZA SYIMA (whoot2x it's my gurl)
who the last person u texted: AZA SYIMA again !
who is your best friend:  aza,bobob and tasha..they like my sauce in my spaghetti
when the last time you cried: last nite (i don't know)
do have secret admire: nope(!)
do u have enimies: i guess, depend, anyone hate me?
do you envy your friend: never,ever..well i don't know
what do you do with your free time: .playing badminton with panjang
do you think people like you: no..
have you ever cheated: yepp. everytime everysecond.
what is the nicest thing you ever done: .imma bad boy,so?
when is the last time you clean your room: last sunday, i sweap my room.
if you have 1 wish to be granted, what it would be: i wish for another a thousand wishes to be granted (:
do have a pet: yepp, cat.
have you ever killed people: nopee, when time comes.
when the last time you smile: now :)))
what is your fev fruit: .duran,duran bebeh
who do you adore:  aza kardashian :p
do you like dancing: not very good at it act.
what is the last movie you saw: maharaja lawak,again and again
what is the most shameless thing you ever done: .sing loudly infront of ppl @college
3 words describe world: its NOT FAIR !
have you bite somebody: yepp, aza kardashian
what can you said about your school : NOOBST SCHOOL AROUND !
have you ever steel things: never ! pls, tht for needy.
have you kissed any boy/girl: yepp. oppss.
have you ever faked your name: are you nuts?i'll never do that..i'm proud with my name
what is the last thing you purchase: a GAP codroy jean at a sale.
do you hate you siblings: sometime my sis annoying.
do you want to tell i love you to somebody right now besides your girl/boyfriend: yeah~ .
do you feel like kicking somebody ass right now: yessss! indeed iam.
last vacation u have at: redang island

friendship (!)

a valuable friend.

cant be replace by any thing in the world.
even the sun stop shining
the wind stop blowing
i still holding my friend
no matter what.
the fact that i love them more then a special friend cant be deny.
even he cant do anything about it.
i respect every single of them
i pray for them whenever i pray for myself.
even sometimes i was in pain because of them
i still want them to be happy.
if they need help
i be the first to offer the help
i smile when they are near.
and i cry when their tears drops
but to know the one that i love disobey me.
betray me.
unhonest with me.
make my world crumble down.
the heaven i dream falling from the skies.
my tears running only two people know but they are not my usual best, true faithful friends.
im asking my self why?!

is it because they that construct the damage?or it its just a usual words of them that they used to say behind each other?
breaking the rules is not an option.
breaking people heart is not a board game that you can randomly move with dice.i still laugh hugs and kisses in front of them.
inside i am dying with the pain that they have construct.
i cried all night. end up with no solution.
what the use? no one say sorry.
nobody even know what they have did.
swollen my eyes with the exam papers in front.
making me lies to the others said it is just another day i slept late.
this is so beyond anyone expectation. 

i lived with it.i try to ignore it.
and i moved along. 
and ready to say " im fine, thanks for asking" .


awesome people(!)

awesome=best friends 

they are my class mates, bob a.k.a wan abdullah kamil , tasha , and aza syima a.k.a my love hehe =) . they are crazy fella , crazy i tell youu ! here we got bob or 'abdullah camel' , everyone label him ;) he the person who endless talking. like everr. you could lost your voice of laughing and he still have something to talk about -_____- fact* he like so freaking damn funny hahahaha. opss sorry bob ;) 

oky movin' on, next we have tasha as known as TASHI ! hahaha tashi it's like ajinamoto ! yes, she is so petite,and we love bully her(?) . 

next, aza. azaaaaaa what to tell about her ? oky she a simple girl. easy to talk with. shes funny actually. and she's my gurl OK.she makes me happy.hmm . . i lve her soooo much and no one can replace her . . hakhakhak! sometimes she looks CUTE , sometimes pretty huhu . . whatever she is I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH ! 

bottom line is, i just knew this dudes like few weeks or month. but we bonded like no other ;). lets have some fun outside ! clubbing ? hahaha

Monday, 25 April 2011

[ me xoxo ]

{السلام عليكم and hello everyone. My name is Ahmad Shahir Shuhaimi.I was born on January 27th, 1992 in Kuala Lumpur. I'm currently studying at Kolej Komuniti Sabak Bernam, Malaysia in my 2nd semester. If you think my course is easy, better think twice ;) I am basically a simple, free and easy and fun-loving person whom others consider as friendly. Life is the most exciting thing as it has galore of opportunities and experiences to offer and I feel one should always make the right use of it. And I'm enthusiastic with the things that await me in the future. And I'm gonna indulge myself in whatever I do :D}

Thursday, 21 April 2011

[ i remember - mocca ]

I remember...The way you glanced at me, yes I remember
I remember...When we caught a shooting star, yes I remember
I remember.. All the things that we shared, and the promise we made, just you and I
I remember.. All the laughter we shared, all the wishes we made, upon the roof at dawn

Do you remember..?
When we were dancing in the rain in that december
And I remember..When my father thought you were a burglar
I remember.. All the things that we shared, and the promise we made, just you and I
I remember.. All the laughter we shared, all the wishes we made, upon the roof at dawn

I remember.. The way you read your books, 
yes I remember
The way you tied your shoes, 
yes I remember
The cake you loved the most, 
yes I remember
The way you drank you coffee, 
I remember
The way you glanced at me, yes I remember
When we caught a shooting star, 
yes I remember
When we were dancing in the rain in that december
And the way you smile at me, 
yes I remember