Tuesday, 3 May 2011

me,myself and i

wht is the colour of your room : for now it's green,i love mother nature.
what is your fev song nw: abdullah vs samy vellu song.it's so polytical but i'm none with it.
what is the last video u last watched: maharaja lawak,it's freaking damn funny
what is your fev cartoon: i love shin chan =)
what is your worst nightmare: i saw i'm dying.seriouslt it's so horrible
have u ever try ciggerates: absolutely.
have u ever drink: just once i bet i can do it often (KIDDIN!)
what is the worst thing you ever done: lets not remember it and move on to another question shall we?
what is your last joke you ever made: "WELL I'M NOT A FUNNY PERSON"
what is the temperature tody: what the hack kind of question is tht?! stupidd.
pepsi or coke: wine+tequilla+vodka...nah~kidding lol.one thing for sure,COKE
boyfriend or girlfriend: girlfriend ofcuz!
tv or phone: PHONE.....(!)
who is the last person you called: AZA SYIMA (whoot2x it's my gurl)
who the last person u texted: AZA SYIMA again !
who is your best friend:  aza,bobob and tasha..they like my sauce in my spaghetti
when the last time you cried: last nite (i don't know)
do have secret admire: nope(!)
do u have enimies: i guess, depend, anyone hate me?
do you envy your friend: never,ever..well i don't know
what do you do with your free time: .playing badminton with panjang
do you think people like you: no..
have you ever cheated: yepp. everytime everysecond.
what is the nicest thing you ever done: .imma bad boy,so?
when is the last time you clean your room: last sunday, i sweap my room.
if you have 1 wish to be granted, what it would be: i wish for another a thousand wishes to be granted (:
do have a pet: yepp, cat.
have you ever killed people: nopee, when time comes.
when the last time you smile: now :)))
what is your fev fruit: .duran,duran bebeh
who do you adore:  aza kardashian :p
do you like dancing: not very good at it act.
what is the last movie you saw: maharaja lawak,again and again
what is the most shameless thing you ever done: .sing loudly infront of ppl @college
3 words describe world: its NOT FAIR !
have you bite somebody: yepp, aza kardashian
what can you said about your school : NOOBST SCHOOL AROUND !
have you ever steel things: never ! pls, tht for needy.
have you kissed any boy/girl: yepp. oppss.
have you ever faked your name: are you nuts?i'll never do that..i'm proud with my name
what is the last thing you purchase: a GAP codroy jean at a sale.
do you hate you siblings: sometime my sis annoying.
do you want to tell i love you to somebody right now besides your girl/boyfriend: yeah~ .
do you feel like kicking somebody ass right now: yessss! indeed iam.
last vacation u have at: redang island

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